Salman Agencies

About Our Company

Salman Agencies established in 1992 is a pioneering trading house of its kind. Headed by MR. AMJAD CHAMDIA and MR. AFZAL CHAMDIA,, having over 21 years of experience of textile industry. Nowadays, Salman Agencies, emerged as one of the leaders in the field of selection and appropriation of yarn in the local and international markets. We are one of the biggest suppliers of yarn to denim and weaving industries in Pakistan. With our professional approach and team work we ensure that all your international sourcing and marketing goals are accomplished with ease and grace. Ultimately our goal is to contribute to your business by making the right product available at the right place at the right time and at the right price. We are committed to a partnership beyond deal making or buying and selling activities. We have structured our team, systems and process to manage all activities pertaining to international buying and selling on your behalf. Our systems are designed to give you detailed information and update on all your orders 24 x 7.